Finalise submission

Submit abstract

Would you like to submit a completed abstract for an author, e.g. because they were unable to submit it by the deadline?

Navigate to
> Users
> User management

In the summary list you will find all completed but not submitted abstracts.

  1. Filter by the role "Author" and

  2. enter the name or email address of the person you are looking for in the search box on the right. Click the Search button Search.
    Tip: You can view the full list of submitters without entering a name or email address by clicking directly on Search. Here you can:
    a) quickly find the person you are looking for using the browser search (shortcut: CTRL+F)
    b) sort the list by surname by clicking on the column header and find people alphabetically

    Completed but not submitted abstracts have orange text.

  3. From the results list, select the person for whom you wish to complete the abstract submission. Click on the orange abstract number e.g. A-317 in the Abstracts column on the right. A window with the abstract submission form will open.

  4. Select the Submission tab, confirm the terms and conditions if necessary and click on the Yes, submit abstract button to complete the submission.


Note: Upon submission, the submitter will automatically receive a confirmation email.
If you do not wish to receive emails, we can deactivate this globally for all submissions.
Please contact us.