Submit abstract on behalf of an author

Editing abstracts

As an organiser, you can create and submit abstracts on behalf of authors at any time - even after the regular deadline.

Requirements: the author(s) provide you with all information required for abstract submission, e.g., preferred paper type, topic, institute name, presenter's email address, etc.

Step 1: Check if the author is already registered

Navigate to
> User > Manage user

Before you create a new person, you can check whether the person is already registered in the system.

Filter by the "Author" or "Invited Speaker" role, and enter the name or email address of the user you are looking for in the search box on the right. Click the Search button.


Tip: You can display the complete list of registered submitters by clicking directly on "Search" without entering the name or e-mail. Here you can
a) use the browser search (key combination: COMMAND+F ) to quickly find the person you are looking for
b) click on the column header and sort the list by last name and find persons alphabetically. 

a. the person for whom you want to submit an abstract is not registered yet
Please create a new user with the role "Author" or "Invited speaker".

b. the person for whom you want to submit an abstract is already registered

Step 2: Create and submit a new abstract

From the list of results, select the person for whom you want to submit an abstract. Click the "New" button in the  column "Abstracts" on the right.


A window will open with the abstract submission form. Here you enter the required data step by step. After entering the abstract, check in the preview if everything is complete and correctly formatted. If so, you can submit the paper.

Note: When the submission is completed, submitters will automatically receive a confirmation email. 
If you do not want emails to be sent, we can disable this globally for all submissions.

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