Late-breaking submission

Managing deadlines

What is the Late-Breaking Deadline? 

The Late-Breaking Deadline allows for an additional, separate submission process that can run beyond the regular deadline or can be set up after the regular deadline has passed.
Thus, recent scientific developments can be incorporated into conference planning even if the regular submission and review process has already been completed and/or the planning process is already advanced.
Late-Breaking abstracts are recorded and marked separately in the system.
The Late-Breaking Deadline can also be used as a workaround for late submissions, e. g.

  • late-minute or late-breaking abstracts

  • invited speakers

  • unofficial deadline extension

Upside: The regularly submitted abstracts, which may already be in the review and planning process, can no longer be edited by the author.

Downside: The late submission via the late-breaking deadline can be used by anyone who finds the link. It is not possible to control the group of people who submit Late-Breaking abstracts.

Requirements: none 

Setting the Late-Breaking Deadline

Navigate to
> Configuration > Deadlines

and scroll down to section "Deadline - Late breaking abstracts".

Click on the "Activate deadline for Late breaking abstracts" button.


Set the desired deadline and confirm by clicking the "Save" button.


 Now the Late-Breaking Deadline is active and further abstracts can be submitted.