Find submitted abstracts

Finding abstracts

As an organiser, you can find all final submitted abstracts by abstract number or title in the menu Abstracts & Reviews.
From here, you can edit the abstract or access a detailed view of the review results.

Navigate to
> Abstracts & Reviews > Abstracts

Select an abstract from the list

Select the abstract you want from the list of results.

The list can also be narrowed down with several filter options and/or via the search field.  

The results list can be sorted by clicking on the column header. Sorting is indicated by an arrow.


If you click on the pencil icon in the "Edit abstract" column next to the abstract you are looking for, the abstract form will open.

If you click on the linked abstract title in the "Detail view" column, the review form opens. You will find further information on evaluations in the columns "Progress", "Average rating", "Deviation" and "Recommendation for presentation type" (yellow frame). Requirement: You are using the "Review" module.

If you click on the linked session shortcut in the column "Planned", the session in which the abstract is scheduled will open (green frame). Requirement: You have scheduled the abstract in the session planner or in the program planner.

Search field

Use the search on the top right of the list. Enter here the abstract number or title and click the "Search" button.


A new page with a list of search results opens.


If you click on the linked abstract number in the first column "Edit abstract", the data form of the abstract will open.
If you click on the linked abstract title in the second column "View or edit the abstract review", the review form will open.