Search for submittded abstracts

Search for abstracts

For a complete overview of the abstracts submitted, please open the abstract overview.

Navigate to
> Abstracts & Reviews (with review process)
> Abstracts (without review process)

To locate an abstract, use the search box or browse by abstract number, abstract title or first author. To get a better overview, you can sort the list according to various criteria or restrict the search result by using a filter, e.g. "Show only accepted abstracts".

Filtering the list


Open the filter area to restrict the abstract overview via the required filter settings, e.g. using the filters

  • Acceptance status

  • Topic

  • Type of presentation

  • Review result



The abstract overview can be sorted by clicking on a column heading. Sorting is indicated by a small arrow to the right of the heading. Find the abstract you are looking for by sorting the list, e.g. by

  • Number

  • Abstract title

  • First author

Find an abstract using the search box

Enter the title or abstract number in the search box and click the Search button.
A new page will open with a list of search results.


If you want to edit the content of an abstract - the title, authors or the body - click on the linked abstract number, e.g. A-100 in the first column "Edit Abstract". The abstract form will open, which you can use to edit the abstract.

If you want to edit the abstract status or view detailed review results, click on the linked abstract title in the "View or edit the abstract review" column.