Withdraw abstracts

Abstract management

Authors can withdraw abstracts that have already been submitted at any time before the deadline.

As an organiser, you can withdraw all abstracts even after the deadline.

Important: Abstracts that have already been accepted/planned can no longer be withdrawn. They have to be cancelled.


  • Complete deletion of abstracts is not possible or required. 

  • Withdrawn abstracts will not be displayed in the abstract planning and statistics.

  • Withdrawn abstracts will not be considered in billing.  

Case 1: Withdrawing test abstracts

Submitted test abstracts can be found either under the menu item "Abstracts & Reviews" or "Users".

1. Abstracts & Reviews

Navigate to "Abstracts & Reviews" and search for the abstract here.

See: Finding submitted abstracts (by abstract number/title)

Open the abstract you want to remove using the edit icon.

Note: If you have used the search function in "Abstracts & Reviews", open the edit mode via the linked abstract number.

2. User

Alternatively, you can search for submitted test abstracts via the "User" area and withdraw the contribution.

In the "User" area, the abstracts are displayed with color codes for their different status.


You only need to remove the contributions that have actually been submitted. You can ignore all others.

To withdraw a submitted abstract (black), open the edit mode via the linked abstract number.

The abstract form will open in the "Content" tab.

Switch to the tab "Withdraw" and confirm by clicking the button Yes, withdraw from submission.


After an abstract has been withdrawn, you can still find it under the menu item "Users". The withdrawn abstract is now marked yellow and can be ignored.

Case 2: Withdrawing abstracts after the review process has started

Once the review process has started, abstracts can no longer be withdrawn. 

If it is a duplicate, please contact us. We will delete the abstract for you.

See: Finding duplicates

Case 3: Withdrawing abstracts after the start of the planning process

During the program planning process, abstracts can no longer be withdrawn.  
The contribution must be cancelled.

See: Cancelling planned abstracts