Under Statistics, you can export statistics on the number of submissions for different questions.

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1. Total Number of Submissions

The report shows you the total number of abstracts submitted

  • by "Topic" (preset) or "Presentation type" or "Topic and presentation type"

  • by status: accepted, rejected or cancelled

2. Number of Submissions by Period

Use this report to find out the number of abstract submissions within a specific time period. To do this, select

  • the start date under "From"

  • the end of the period under "To"

3. Number of Submissions by Invited Speakers

This report informs you about the submissions of persons with the role "Speaker (invited)". The report includes:

  • Name and contact details

  • All submissions of the person, if they have submitted their abstract via the regular submission process

  • Submission status: The abstract has been prepared or successfully submitted

4. Number of Submissions by Date and Time

This report gives you information about

  • On which days how many abstracts have been submitted

  • How many abstracts have been submitted in the last 24 hours before the regular deadline

5. Number of Submissions by Person

  • by country

  • by gender