Linking telephone numbers

Content page

If you want to link a telephone number so that the number can be clicked and called directly from the mobile phone app, follow these steps:

Navigate to
> Menu
> Pages

and open the required page in the Content tab.

1. Enter the phone number in international format in the text editor and double-click to highlight it.
Any text or image can be linked to a phone number. However, it is advisable to spell out the phone number each time.

2. Click on the icon for embedding hyperlinks.


3. Select in the input mask:

  • Type of link: URL

  • Protocol: other

  • URL: enter the link attribute "tel:" and the phone number (in international format)

Format: international country code, area code without leading zero, phone number, all without separators

Example: tel: +49123455667788

4. Save your entries by clicking the OK button.