Inserting a menu icon

Content page

By default, all menu items in the application's main menu are accompanied by an icon.


With the Editor role, you can add menu icons that you have created to the pages as menu items.
You can also replace or remove existing icons.

Navigate to
> Menu
> Pages

and open the desired page in the Content tab.

Open the Font Awesome website in a separate window, where you will find all the available icons:

In the search box, you can use keywords, such as "file", "video" or "information", to find suitable icons.

1. Select the icon you want, for example an "i" in a circle for an information page.


2. Copy the class name of the icon without the quotes, e.g. fa-duotone fa-circle-info, and paste it into the "Menu icon" field on your application page.


3. Save your changes with Add or Save.

Note: Font Awesome offers most icons in four different formats.

  • solid - starts with "fa-solid"

  • regular - starts with "fa-regular"

  • light - starts with "fa-light"

  • thin - starts with "fa-thin"

  • duotone - starts with "fa-duotone"

Make sure you use the same format for all icons (in the application we use "fa-duotone" by default).
If you do not need an icon, e.g. for pages that only appear in a submenu, just leave the field empty.