Embed multimedia files

Exhibitors and sponsors

You can use an <iframe> to embed a video or audio file from another website on your company profile page, so that your partner can showcase themselves with an image film or podcast.


To do this, copy the embed code (not the link!), often labelled < / > or < >, from the page on which the image video you want is located.

Navigate to
> Content
> Exhibitors & sponsors

1. Open the desired company profile and go to the "Media" tab.

2. In the "Embed Media" section, paste the copied embed code in this format:
<iframe scr='' width='' height='' ... ></iframe>.

If necessary, remove all the information that appears before and after the HTML tags of the iframe (marked in red in the example).


3. Save your changes and click :

  • Save — to remain on the page

  • Save and close — to return to the summary list