Message with link


To send a message with a link, open the message creation form.

Navigate to
> Content
> Messages

and click the Edit button to go to "Messages" and upload the desired link:


Insert link

To the following destinations, a link can be displayed below a message:

  • External URL — to link to an external website

  • Internal page — to link to another page from the app menu

  • Exhibitor — to link to one of your exhibitor profiles within the app

  • Event — to link to an event from your schedule

A link text must be defined in the "Link text" field, which appears below the message text, e.g. "More information".
Finally, click the button to send the message at the specified publication time:

  • Add — to save but stay on the page

  • Add and overview — to save and switch to list view

  • Add and new — to create a new message