Prepare file upload

File management

After the abstracts are accepted, you now want authors to upload e.g. their presentation slides, e-poster, long abstract or a video presentation.

Depending on which upload varinates you have booked, you can define in the backend for which abstract which upload forms are enabled.

Navigate to
> Abstracts & Reviews > Manage abstracts

Step 1: Select a group of abstracts

  • Open the section "Filter abstracts"

  • Select the appropriate criteria (e.g. presentation type) by marking the respective checkboxes.

  • Click the button Filter by selected criteria

  • Select all abstracts by clicking Select: all on the top of the list


In order to select a single abstracts click the checkbox in the left column.

Step 2: Assign upload forms

Return to the top of the page and open the section "Make your final selection"


  • In the section "Enable file upload" use the checkbox to select the desired upload forms

  • Confirm your selection with the button Enable

After you have assigned an upload form to an abstract, the cell with the checkbox gets an orange border.


If a file has already been uploaded, the selection field is filled orange.


The upload form is now visible for the submitters under the respective abstract and they can upload a file to the abstract.

Once you inform Smart Abstract that you have assigned all abstract forms, we will send a the already preapared mailing with the upload information to the respective author(s).

Manage upload deadline

You can extend the deadline for file uploads at any time as follows:

Navigate to
> Settings > Deadlines

Deadlines for file uploads can be found at the bottom of the page.


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