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Submission status

An abstract can have a different submission status.

RED: incomplete
Mandatory entries are missing, such as the topic or the title of the abstract. Missing entries can be entered up to the deadline using the edit function.

YELLOW: complete, but not submitted
All mandatory entries have been made. Reasons that the abstract is still not submitted are e.g.
- the browser was inadvertently closed befor
- the abstract has not yet been finally released by the responsible person 

Note: Incomplete and complete abstracts that are not to be submitted do not have to be deleted, but can be ignored.

GREEN: complete and submitted
The abstract may be reviewed and taken into account for the conference programme.

Note: The editing options change with the status. For example, a submitted abstract cannot be deleted. The submission must first be undone.

Visibilty of the submission status

When you create a new abstract or edit an existing one, the detailed view of the abstract opens. On the right  you will find the status box with information which entries are missing.
Example: incomplete abstract

Open the view "My Abstracts" to get the list of all abstracts created with an information about the status.
Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-01 um 16.25.50.png 68.82 KB

If you log out but have not yet submitted your abstract, you will receive the following information:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-01 um 16.43.26.png 30.64 KB