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Edit an abstract

Abstracts can be updated at any time up to the deadline. This is also possible if an abstract has already been submitted.
To edit an abstract, open the view "My Abstracts". Here you find the abstracts you created for the congress.

Note: After the deadline, editing is no longer possible.

Editing options

Depending on the submission status, editing the abstract is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, you can edit the abstract:

1. via the underlined labels:
edit_abstract_directlink.png 15.57 KB

2. or via the icons:

enabled  = dark blue 
disabled = grey
Icons are explained from left to right

Opens the edit mode and leads to the "Content" view. Here you can change the abstract title and text or jump to other content (attributes, authors, topic, etc.) via the tab menu.

If the abstract is complete, it can be submitted until the deadline. Complete means that all mandatory data has been entered. Only submitted abstracts will be considered in the planning process. The submission will be confirmed by e-mail.

Submitted abstracts can be withdrawn until the deadline. After the deadline, the organizer must be contacted by e-mail. The organizer's address can be found under "Contact". The withdrawal will be confirmed by e-mail.

The preview is a summary of the abstract. It is divided in the selection: Meta data, abstract and author information.

PDF preview:
The abstract summary can be opened and downloaded as a PDF file.

Abstracts that have not been submitted can be deleted at any time until the deadline. If the abstract has already been submitted, the submission must first be withdrawn.