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Navigate to

My Abstracts > Authors
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to create the author list for your abstract.
Note: Authors should always be listed in order of their contribution to the abstract.

Info: For instructions on editing the author list, including changing the order of authors, specifiyng presenters, please read:
Edit author list

Creating the author list

There are four options how to add authors to your author list:
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1. Add myself as author

Click the button Add myself as author to insert your name and affiliation into the list of authors as you entered them during registration.

2. Add new author

Click the button Add new author to open a dialog to create and add a new author entry.

3. Add study group

Click the button Add study group to open the dialog for entering the name and, if applicable, an affiliation of the study group.

4. Insert author from list of existing entries

You can use author entries that you have created for other abstracts, including abstracts from previous conferences. Select an entry from the list of existing authors, then click the button Add existing author.

Special cases

Conference organisers may restrict the number of authors on the author list. If you have reached the permitted number of authors you will receive a message that no further authors can be inserted.
Conference organisers may specify that only the presenter appear on the author list. In this case you will receive a message after entering the first person that no further authors can be inserted

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