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Create an abstract

After logging in to the system, the start page opens. Here you will find the button Create new abstract.

With "Create new abstract" Smart Abstract guides you step by step through the submission process. The steps can differ depending on the conference specifications. Default is:

  1. Attributes
  2. Authors
  3. Topics
  4. Content
  5. Preview
  6. Submission

Saving the entries for each step opens the next dialog. Your progress is visible in the status box on the right. The traffic light colors red, yellow or green border the box depending on the submission status.

1. Attributes

In the 1st step of the submission properties are queried. These are congress-specific and may vary. Possible properties are:

  • Type of presentation: Your preferred type of presentation should be chosen. The scientific committee reserves the right to change these for the programme.

  • Further queries: Organizers may have queries on the abstract or authors that are relevant to the congress.

  • Presentation language: If displayed, German or English can be selected here. Depending on the answer, language-dependent country names, topics and headlines are displayed. 

Note: The tab "Attributes" is not visible?
If the organizer does not need any of the above mentioned questions, the step "Properties" will be skipped. For the presentation type this means that there is no need for a specification.

2. Authors 

In the 2nd step of the abstract submission the page "Authors" opens. This is where the list of authors is created. Possible is:

Either use existing entries or create new entries.

  •  Edit list of authors (related info)
    - Sort via drag-and-drop
    - Mark presenting author
    - Open the authors details for editing
  • Check preview
    The list of authors is shown in the preview below. Please check here for:
    - duplicated institutes
    - author affiliations 

3. Topics 

In this step you assign your abstract to a suitable topic. Depending on the specifications, there are the following options:
  • Assignment to a preferred and an option topic
  • Assignment to a main or sub-topic

4. Content

Title and body of the abstract are entered here. The number of allowed characters is set by the organizer. 

Further information can be found here:

Copy text into abstract body is possible.

5. Preview

Before the abstract can be submitted, please check:
  • Preferred presentation and topic
  • Questions completed
  • Title and body of the abstracts
  • Authors and affiliations

> Button Proceed to abstract submission

6. Submit

If all is included, the abstract can be submitted. Depending on the conference, disclosures must be agreed before submission.

> Yes, submit.

Success :)
Your abstract is submitted and you will receive a confirmation email.