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Edit author list

The list of authors offers various editing options depending on the conference.
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1. Create first author

The first created entry in the author list automatically gets the role: First Author.
This can be adjusted by creating the second entry and changing the position.

2. Change the position of an entry

1st option: Drag and Drop
Select the author entry while holding down the mouse button and drag it to the required position.

2nd option: Arrow up and down
Up arrow: sets the entry one position up.
Down arrow: sets the entry one position down.

3. Edit

Icon with pencil: Opens the editing area. Name, contact data and institute can be edited.

4. Remove

Icon with cross: Removes the entry from the list after a confirmation promt.

5. Specify presenter

Icon with crossed-out microphone: If you click on this icon, the Presenter status is set. Depending on the event, only one or more people may present.

Icon with coloured microphone: Marks an entry as presenter.
Note: If no microphone is visible, no person must/should present, e.g. for posters.

Additional editing options

The following processing options are offered at only a few congresses.
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6. Corresponding Author

Icon with colored envelope: Marks the corresponding author. 

7. Equal contributor

Icon with colored star: Marks a person for equal authorship.