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Edit author list

Here you will find information on how to change the author list, e.g. to change the presenting author or the order of authors in the list.

Editing options

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1. Change the position of an author

Because the sequence of authors on the list is relevant it may be necessary to move authors up or down within the existing list.
 You can move author entries
a) with a simple drag&drop by clicking on them with the left mouse button and moving them to the prefered position while holding the mouse button down
b) by clicking on the up/down-arrow symbol in the author list. First authors additionally will be marked in writing.
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2. Specify presenter

By default, first authors are selected as presenters and marked with the microphone icon in a different colour. You can assign the presenter role to another author in the list by clicking on the respective microphone icon. Presenting authors are additionally marked in writing.
Conference organisers may specify if more than one presenter be allowed. They may also define/restrict the number of presenters. 
Note: Usually all presenting authors in the list must have a valid email adress as contact information.

3. Edit author name or affiliation

Icon with pencil: Opens the editing area. Name, contact data and institute can be edited.

4. Remove author

Icon with cross: Removes the entry from the list after a confirmation promt.

Additional editing options

The following processing options are offered at only a few congresses.
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5. Corresponding Author

Icon with coloured envelope: Marks the corresponding author. 
Info: The submitter of an abstract ist always the corresponding persons. In some cases, the corresponding author is also asked for.

6. Equal contributor

Icon with colored star: Marks a person for equal authorship.

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