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You would like to insert an image?

The Image function enables you to insert an image at any position in the abstract text. For this the function must be activated by the organizer. If this is the case, the organizer determines how many images are allowed and whether a number of characters are subtracted for each image used.

> Step 1: In the "Content" view select Add image. If the button is deactivated, the maximum number of allowed images/tables is reached.

> Step 2: Fill out the form in the new view "Upload new image":
  • Image shortcut: Your shortcut is inserted in the editor as a placeholder for your image, e.g. IMG01. In the preview, the placeholder is then replaced by the image.
  • Caption: Short description/legend of the image.
  • Upload image: Upload and confirm local image file. When you save, you automatically return to the "Contents" view.

> Step 3: Place your mouse in the correct position in the text field where you want to insert the image.

> Step 4: Select the image icon directly above the text field and select then the image to be inserted in the dialog that opens. Confirm your selection with Ok.

Image Icon

> Step 5: In the text editor, your chosen shortcut is inserted surrounded by hashtags, e.g. #IMG01#. In this way, the system recognizes that it is a placeholder. In case you want to set the image at a different position, the placeholder can be changed by cut & paste.
Image placeholder

> Step 6: Open the "Preview" to check the inserted image.