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You would like to insert references?

The Reference feature enables you to insert a reference at any position in the abstract text. The organizer determines how many references are allowed and whether a number of characters are subtracted for each reference used.

1. Copy and paste

> Prepare your references in a word processing program such as MS-Word.
> Copy references
> Insert references directly into the text field below the abstract body.
> Insert footnotes

2. Use reference function

If activated for the congress, you can use the reference function:

> Step 1: Click the Create references button in the sidebar. If the button is deactivated, the maximum number of allowed references is reached.

> Step 2: Fill out the form in the new view "Create new reference":
  • Reference shortcut: The reference shortcut is a placeholder (e.g. LIT01) for the footnote and is to insert into the abstract body. In the preview the placeholder will be replaced by the linked footnote.
  • Use the form fields as needed
  • Confirm with Create reference. With the confirmation you are automatically forwarded to the view "Contents".

> Step 3: Place your mouse at the position in the text field where the reference should be inserted.

> Step 4: Select the reference icon directly above the text field and select then the image to be inserted in the dialog that opens. Confirm your selection with Ok.
lit1.png 39.79 KB

> Step 5: In the text editor, your reference shortcut is inserted surrounded by hashtags, e.g. #LIT01#. Now, the system recognizes that it is a placeholder.
In case the reference is to be positioned elsewhere in the text, you can change the position by cutting and pasting.
lit2.png 22.41 KB

> Step 6: Open the "Preview" to check the references.

Please note: Each reference created is displayed below the abstract, even if the shortcut has not been inserted in the abstract text. If a reference is not to be output, it must be deleted.