Review process: Workflow

Review process

In order to prepare the review process, please proceed as follows:

1 step: Review form

Date according to agreement - at least three weeks before the review starts.

  1. Enter the requirements for the evaluation form and your timetable in our checklist. You can find the checklist here:
    > Menu item: Reports & Statistics
    > Tab: "Templates"
    > Go to "Checklists" and download: Checklist: Review form and timeline

  2. After setting up the review form, we will send you a test link. After your approval, the form will not be changed until the evaluation starts.

2 step: Reviewers

One to two weeks before the review starts.

If more than 150 abstracts were submitted:
please use our import template to prepare the review process. In this file you enter the reviewers and assign one or more topics to them. Please send us the final reviewer file 1-3 days before the author deadline. You will find the import template here:
> Menu item: Reports & Statistics
> Tab: "Templates"
> Go to "Imports" and download: Import template: Reviewers with topic assignment

else, less then 150 abstracts were submitted:
> Add reviewers (instructions)
> Assign reviewers to topics (instructions)

3 step: Assignment

The day after the authors submissions deadline or later.

  • Check if there are duplicate abstracts
    > Menu item: Configuration
    Tab: Data integrity
    > Use the default settings and confirm them with Show

  • Clarify whether abstracts are to be submitted subsequently. If necessary, this should take place before the assignment.

  • We carry out the automated assignment of abstracts to reviewers by topic for you. If individual assignment is necessary, this is done in the system on your part. In case you have any question, we support you personally.

4 step: Start and mailing to reviewers

After assignment.

  1. You inform the reviewers at the start time that an e-mail from with access data will be sent to them. In this way we avoid that e-mails that may categorized as spam are not read.

  2. Smart Abstract is sending the mailing to all reviewers at once. 

5 step: Coordination

Throughout the review process.

As a customer, you usually coordinate the review process. That means in detail:

  • Adding new, additional reviews (instructions)

  • Transfer assigned abstracts to other reviewers, for example, if a reviewer is biased (instructions follows)

  • Assigning later submitted abstracts to reviewers (instructions)

  • Extending the reviewer deadline, if necessary (please inform us by email)
    > Menu item: Configuration
    Tab: Deadlines
    > Change Date and Time of the Deadline for Reviewers

  • Recommendation: According to your schedule, or about 7 days before the deadline, check which reviewers have only rated 0%. In order to ensure that the email has been read, you can send a deadline reminder to these reviewers via your account. (instructions follows)

  • According to your schedule, or 2-3 days before the deadline, we also send a reminder to reviewers who have not yet reviewed 100%.

6 step: Finalization

After the reviewer deadline.

  1. Once the evaluation process is complete, you can

    • export a master report with the complete review results
      > Menu item: Reports & Statistics
      > Tab: "Reports"
      > Go to "Reviews" and download: Master review report

    • view the complete results online
      > Menu item: Abstracts & Reviews
      > Tab: Manage abstracts

  2. Decide and enter the acceptance status for abstracts in the system  (instructions follows)