Abstract Status

Once you have decided which abstracts to present at the congress, you will need to enter your selection into the system. The following data will be set:

1. Status: an abstract is accepted, rejected or conditionally accepted.

2. Final topic (optional): the final topic may differ from the preferred topic of the submitter.

3. Final presentation type (optional): the final presentation type may differ from the submitter's preferred presentation type.


Important: To determine the final presentation type or topic for acceptance, do not change the original information provided by the submitter, but set an additional status according to the following principle:

  1. The submitters prefer a topic/type of presentation

  2. Reviewers recommend a topic/type of presentation

  3. The Programme Committee decides on the final topic/presentation type

Filter abstracts (in list view)

The list view allows you to make decisions on multiple abstracts at once.

Navigate to
> Abstracts & Reviews (with review process)
> Abstracts (without review process)

  1. open the "Filter abstracts" section

  2. select the group of abstracts for which you wish to make decisions.

Examples of filter options are:

  • Exclude all abstracts for which the status is already set

  • All abstracts with a score between 0.0 and 1.0

  • All abstracts submitted for a specific presentation type

  • All abstracts submitted on a specific topic


Important: In this case the filter "Submitted" must be selected (see figure).

3. confirm your selection with the button filter by selected criteria.
The list view will now display the abstracts that match the filter you have set.

4. to accept or reject all the abstracts in your selection at the same time, click on all above the list when selected: all — none on all.


Step 2: Set decision to approval/rejection

  1. Open the "Make your final selection" area.

  2. You have the following options to set the status:

    1. Approve abstract and confirm presentation type?

    2. Approve abstract and change the presentation type, e.g. from oral to poster?

    3. Reject abstract

To 2.1 Accept abstracts and confirm final presentation type (topic)

Select the Approve button under "Set Status".



  • All selected abstracts are set to "accepted".

  • The submitted topic is confirmed by automatically setting the final topic.

  • The submitted presentation type is confirmed by automatically setting the final presentation type.

To 2.2 Accept abstracts and change the final presentation type or topic

Select a diffrent presentation type under "Set final presentation type" and confirm this with Set final type.
Correspondingly for topics: Select a diffrent topic under "Set final topic"and confirm this with Set final topic.



  • All selected abstracts are set to "accepted".

  • The submitted presentation type is changed by by setting a different final presentation type.

  • The submitted topic is changed by by setting a different final topic.

2.3 Reject Abstracts

Select the Reject button under "Set Status".

Result: All selected abstracts will be set to "Rejected".

Optional: Set Acceptance Status in Detail View

If you want to set the status of an abstract separately from the list view, you can also work in the detailed view.

Enter the abstract number or title in the "Search" field and click the Search button.
In the results list, click on the title of the abstract you want to accept or reject in the "View or edit the abstract review" column.


The abstract details page will open.

  1. Scroll down to the "Your final decision on the abstract" section,

  2. Select the desired status,

  3. change the final presentation type and/or final topic if necessary and click on the

  • Save and Back to return to the list view

  • Save to remain on the details page


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