Cancel abstracts

Abstract management

As an organiser, you can cancel accepted or already scheduled abstracts to take them out of the planning phase.


  • cancelled abstracts are recognizable as cancellations in the program planning, so that they can be easily replaced if necessary

  • cancelled abstracts are recorded statistically

Option 1: Cancel abstracts in the "Abstracts & Reviews" menu - detailed view

Navigate to > Abstracts & Reviews > Manage abstracts


  1. Enter the abstract number or title in the search box. The result will be displayed in a new list.

  2. Open the abstract status editing form via the linked abstract title (column: View or edit the abstract review).

  3. Scroll down to the "Your final decision" section and select "Cancel".


  1. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the button

  • Save and back

  • Save to stay on the page

Option 2: "Abstracts & Reviews" - List View

  1. In the left column, check the box next to the abstract you want to cancel.


  1. Scroll up to the "Make your final selection" section and click the Cancel button.


Cancelled abstracts will be marked with the appropriate icon in the list.

Option 3: Cancel abstracts in the "Program planning" menu.

Note: Only available when using the "smart Planner" module ("large" or graphical planner).

Navigate to > Program planning > Program list view

If you do not know in which session the abstract you want to cancel is scheduled, enter the abstract title or abstract number in the search field and click the Search button. As a result, all sessions containing the abstract you are looking for will be displayed.

  1. Click the white Presentations (Number) button on the right under Schedule Presentations to open the list of abstracts scheduled in that session.


  1. Select the abstract to be cancelled and click the "Active/Accepted" status icon on the right to set the status to "Cancelled".


The contribution is now cancelled.


Note: In sessions, cancelled posts are highlighted in red for better visibility, in case

  • the contribution is to be replaced by another contribution

  • the withdrawal should be marked in publications.

Optional: Remove cancelled abstracts from sessions

To remove cancelled abstracts from the respective session planning, open the planning view of the respective session:

Starting from the program list, click on the blue button "Schedule presentations" at the respective session.


The scheduling view within the session will open.

Remove the cancelled contribution by clicking on "Remove".


You can remove several contributions at the same time by marking the checkboxes and clicking the blue button "Remove marked poster".


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