Book of Abstracts (MS-Word)

The Books of Abstracts is available for export into an MS Word file in two versions:

  1. Book of abstracts for publication.

  2. Book of abstracts for a self-organised review

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General procedure:

  1. Configuring the abstract book

  2. Exporting the abstract book to MS Word

  3. Designing the abstract book using style sheets

  4. Generating table of contents

  5. Converting the abstract book to PDF

Step 1: Configure the Book of Abstracts

The configurator offers you numerous options for exporting the data in the structure you want.

1. CONFIGURATION: How should the Book of Abstracts be structured?
Here you decide for example:

  • Whether the abstracts should be grouped by topic or exported without grouping?

  • How they should be sorted: e.g. by the name of the first author(s)?

  • Whether the abstract number (e.g. A-114), the presentation or respectively the poster number should be output?

  • Whether only one abstract or several abstracts should be printed on each page?

2. FILTER: Which abstracts do you want to export?

You can export all or only certain abstracts, e.g.

  • all abstracts on a certain subject

  • those submitted during a certain period and more

3. CONTENTS: What content should be exported?

Here you will find various options for what should appear in the abstract volume, e.g.

  • Email of the corresponding author (submitter)

  • Description of affiliation/institute

  • Keywords

4. AUTHORS and INSTITUTES: In which form should the author list be exported?

Here you can define special formats for the output of the list of authors and institutes, for example:

  • That country names are output as a code (e.g. USA) and more.

5. FORMATTING: How do you want the authors to be formatted?

For example, specify whether presenters should be asterisked or underlined.

Step 2: Export the abstract book to MS Word

After configuration, export the Book of Abstracts as an MS Word file.

Step 3: Design the abstract book using templates

After configuration, export the Book of Abstracts as an MS Word file. Depending on the configuration, the following templates will be prepared in the file.


Style sheet


Abstract topic

headline 1

Session title

headline 1

Abstract title

headline 2

Presention type

Boa Presentation Type

Presentation/Poster no.

Boa Abstract_Number


List of authors

Boa Authors List


Boa Institutes List

Email of contact persons (submitter)

Boa Submitter Email

Note: "Shared first authorship"

Boa Equal Contributors

Abstract body


Boa Content Section Label


Boa Content Section



Boa Image Frame

Image caption

Boa Caption

References heading

Boa References Section


Boa References


Note: "Supported by"

Boa Supported By


Boa Keywords

If you are missing a style sheet, please contact us.

Step 4: Create a table of contents

The first page of the export file contains a Word command to create a table of contents.
The topic or session headings (heading 1) and the abstract titles (heading 2) are used to generate the table of contents.

  • Drag the mouse over the linked sentence "Click here with right mouse button..."

  • Open the context menu (right mouse click)

  • Click "Update boxes"


Step 5: Convert the abstract book into a PDF file

Once you have formatted your abstract book in the way you want, use the export function in MS Word to create a PDF file.

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