All data from the abstract submission can be exported at any time for various purposes.

1. Book of Abstracts

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> Statistics & Downloads
> Book of Abstracts

The Books of Abstracts is available for export into an MS Word file in two versions:

  1. Book of abstracts for publication.

  2. Book of abstracts for a self-organised review

See: Book of Abstracts (MS-Word)

2. Author index

We generate the author index for you in this form:

Surname, first name, number

The following persons can be displayed in the author index:

  1. all authors:

    + the presentation number of the first author will be highlighted in bold.

    + for presenters, the presentation number is highlighted in bold

  2. First authors only

  3. only presenters



Important: The export is done via Smart Abstract. Please contact us for further information.

3. Export abstract as single PDF file

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> Files

Here you will find an overview of all abstracts grouped by topic.
Click on the abstract number to download the abstract as a PDF file.

4. Reports

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> Reports

Under the "Reports" tab, you can export the abstract data as an Excel file. There is a main report for each project phase:

  • Main abstract submission report

  • Main report on the evaluation process

  • Main Programme Planning Report

See: Reports (Excel)

5. Statistics

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> Statistics & Downloads
> Statistics

Statistics are available to provide you with information on the number of abstracts according to the following criteria:

  • Abstract submission statistics

  • Statistics on the time of submission, e.g. the last 24 hours before the deadline

  • Statistics on the number of first authors or presenters by gender and country

See alos: Statistics