Manage content



After logging in, you will see the dashboard with the navigation menu on the left and the quick access menu on the right.

The navigation menu distinguishes between two areas for managing your content:

1. Content:
This is where you manage all the content of the application that does not come from the Scheduler:

Exhibitors & Sponsors, floor plans and messages.

2. Menu:
This is where you manage individual content via a content management system and the structure of your app menu.

Using the quick access, you can create a new content object (e.g. an exhibitor profile) or access the corresponding overview list with a single click.

Creating new content

There are several ways to add new content in different views:

  • in the content overview dashboard, via the button New (see above)

  • in the list view from which you are editing existing content (button New, top right)


In the editing view of a new entry (Add and New buttons at the bottom of the page)


Editing content

You can open and edit existing content from the relevant list view.

1. Open the desired list from the navigation menu or the dashboard
(in the example: Exhibitors & Sponsors).

2. Open the desired entry by clicking on the Name or the Edit button.


3. Edit the content and confirm the changes by clicking on the button:

  • Save, to remain on the page

  • Save and close, to return to the list view


    Please note:
    To change the order, see Sorting content.

Deleting content

To delete content, use the list view or the edit form.

1. List view
Delete the desired entry using the Delete button.


2. Edit form
Open the required entry and click the Delete button.