Sorting content


In your app, you can control the order in which different content is displayed.

Sorting pages

Navigate to
> Menu
> Pages

This will take you to the page overview. Here you can use the sorting arrows to move individual pages until they appear in the desired position:

  • Double down arrow: Moves the entry to the last position in the list.

  • Single down arrow: Moves the entry down one position.

  • Single up arrow: Moves the entry up one position.

  • Double up arrow: Moves the entry to the top of the list.

Sorting the exhibitor list

The exhibitor list is automatically sorted.

There are two options:
1. Alphabetical sorting by company logo (default)
The group "Exhibitors with logo" appears before the group "Exhibitors without logo".

2. Alphabetical sorting without a company logo
All exhibitors appear in alphabetical order, regardless of whether a company logo has been set or not.

If you would like to change the default setting, please contact us.

Sorting sponsors

By default, the order within each sponsor level is alphabetical.
If you wish to customise the order of sponsors within a sponsor level, do the following:

1. Open the first exhibitor entry from the "Exhibitors & Sponsors" list view with the button Edit.
2. Select the "Sponsoring" tab.
3. Specify the order with a number, e.g: 1 for the first position.
4. Open the next exhibitor entry.
5. Enter the number 2 for the second position, for example.
6. Specify the order for all further exhibitor entries within the sponsor level by setting a higher or lower number.

Note: Sponsors within the same level with the same number will be displayed in alphabetical order. The default is 1 for all entries.


Sorting sponsor banners

Navigate to
> Menu

Open the page where you want to arrange the banners.
Change the position using drag and drop.

> Banner advertising

Sorting room plans

If you have more than one room plan, you can change the order in which they are displayed.

Navigate to
> Content
> Floor plans

Open the floor plan you want to sort, then use a number to indicate its position: