Define sponsor levels

Exhibitors and sponsors

You can define up to five different sponsorship levels, such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Partner.
The first step is to define your sponsor levels once and then assign them to the appropriate company profiles.

Navigate to
> Content
> Sponsor levels

to view an overview of the sponsor levels already defined:

Here you can see at a glance which sponsor levels you have defined and how many company profiles are assigned to each level.
From here you can create, edit or delete sponsor levels.

1. Create a new level

Click on the New icon to open the new level form and fill in the required fields:


  • Name on sponsor overview*: Enter the name you have chosen for your sponsorship package, e.g. "Gold" or "Partner". This name will appear as a heading on the sponsor dashboard.

  • The optional name in the company profile : If you would like the sponsor level to be displayed on the company profile and exhibitor list, please enter a name here. We recommend using the word "Sponsor", e.g. "Gold Sponsor" or "Sponsor".

  • Type*: Select one of the pre-defined hierarchy levels. Make sure you only use each level once.

Note: The saved levels have a default name and are sorted in descending order of display size in the application:

Platinum = Level 1
Gold = Level 2
Silver = Level 3
Bronze = Level 4
Partner = Level 5

2. Save your entries

Click on:

  • Add — to edit the form later

  • Add and Overview — to go to the overview list

  • Add and New — to create a new sponsor level

The display in the application depends on the settings you have chosen:


See also: Layout options for exhibitors and sponsors

3. Assign a sponsor level to an exhibitor or sponsor

You can now assign the appropriate sponsorship level in the company profile of the exhibitor or sponsor.

See also: Complete a company profile — Assign sponsor level