Assign sponsor level

Exhibitors and sponsors

In a company's profile, you specify whether they are a sponsor and at what level (e.g. Gold, Bronze or Partner).

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1. Define company as sponsor
Open the required company profile in the "Company profile" tab and select "Sponsor" in the "Profile" section.


2. Select the "Sponsorship" tab
A drop down box will allow you to select the sponsorship levels you have previously defined.
Select the sponsorship level you require.


3. Optional: change order
Specify a non-alphabetical order.
By default, company profiles are displayed in alphabetical order within each level of the Sponsor overview. For example, if companies A, B and C are all Bronze sponsors, they will appear in the order A, B and C.
If C is to be listed first, the positions in the "Order" section must be adjusted accordingly: C=1, A=2, B=3.

4. Save your changes:

  • Save — to remain on the page.

  • Save and close — to return to the summary list

Display in the app

The display in the application depends on the settings you have chosen:


See also: Layout options for exhibitors and sponsors