Address duplicates

User management

As an organiser, you are able of merging address duplicates before the programme is published.

How do duplicate address entries arise?

Address duplicates occur when persons are entered into the system via different ways and address information. Examples:

  1. Person A is entered as presenting author from Berlin during submission. In program planning, person A is inserted as session chair, but no city was specified.

  2. Person B is named as co-author:in in both Abstract A-100 and A-200, but with different institutes.

  3. Person C has registered for abstract submission as a submitter with the email address: During program planning, person C is again added as an invited speaker, but this time with the email address

Automatic merging

Smart Abstract automatically merges entries if three of the following requirements match:

  • Last name

  • First name

  • City

  • E-mail address

Info: When creating new users, you will be notified of possible duplicates
See: Changing emails for user accounts

Manual merging

Navigate to
> Program Planning > Persons> Merge duplicates


> Abstracts & Reviews > Manage authors > Merge duplicates.

Duplicates are displayed one below the other in a list. This way, a duplicate can be merged in both directions.

Step 1: Compare the duplicate entries in the columns Last name, First name, Salutation, City.

Step 2: Decide which entry should be used as reference address.

Tip: Check which address is "less usable", e.g. because the information is incomplete, misspelled or not up-to-date.

If you are unsure, the address status can help: "Submitter" means that this address was usually entered by the person himself when submitting and is probably more up to date than if someone had to insert:into an address in the author list for a: Co-author.


Step 3: Transfer the unwanted address by clicking on the white arrow in the red circle in the "Duplicates" column.

Note: The change can be undone at any time. See: Separating merged addresses

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