User roles and rights

User management

As an organiser you have the possibility to manage roles and rights of persons. Here you will find an overview of the roles and what they are used for.

1. Roles with access rights

Persons with the following roles can actively work in the system. The role "Author" is set automatically during registration, all other roles are assigned in the module "User" or created by importing persons.

Author (Submitter) 

  • can register on the abstract submission system

  • can submit abstracts and edit own abstracts

Invited Speaker

  • can be planned for Lectures in the module Programme Planning

  • can submit abstracts in combination with the role "author", which are managed as invited abstracts in the system


  • can review abstracts in the module Review


  • can be scheduled as a chair of sessions in the Program Planning module

  • can plan individual sessions themselves in the Program Planning module

  • can make final decisions on acceptance and rejection in the Review module


  • can be scheduled as a session moderator in the Program Planning module

2. Roles without access rights


  • when preparing an abstract in the Submission module, at least one of the authors is named as presenter

  • Presenters can be managed in the "Persons" section of the Programme Planning module

First author/co-author 

  • must be specified in the Submission module when preparing an abstract

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