Add new user

User management

As an organiser, you can create users with different roles.

Navigate to
> User > Manage user

Click the Create new user button.
A form for entering the user profile will open.

Step 1: Insert user data

1.1 Login data

An email address is required for each user to enable personal login to the system.  Please note that e-mails must be unique. 
If no email is available for the user, a temporary dummy e-mail can be inserted here, e.g. All user data including e-mail addresses can also be edited later. 

If you enter an e-mail address that is already known to the system, you will be notified of a possible duplicate.


 See: Changing emails for user accounts

See: Merging user doublettes

1.2 Personal data (data for letter salutation)

Form of address*, title, first name*, last name*
In order to be able to generate a personal salutation for emails sent by the system, information on the salutation, academic title (if applicable), first name and surname is required. In emails, a formal salutation is generated, e.g. Dear Dr. Johannsen, Dear Professor Mustermaier.
Further personal input fields are available as optional or mandatory fields, depending on the previously defined configuration.

1.3 Correspondence language*

English, German
It is possible to create mailings in German and/or English. Please define in which language  the user should be written to.

Info: Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *

Step 2: Assign role

At the bottom of the page, under the form for entering personal data, you can assign one or more roles to each user. Possible roles are (depending on your project configuration):

  • Author

  • Invited speaker

  • Reviewer

  • Leader

  • Moderator

See: Overview of user roles and rights

See: Assigning user roles

Step 3:  Save entries

After saving, the new user is created or the following options are available:


  • Add to check the entries afterwards.

  • Add and new to add another new user

  • Add and back to open the list view of all users.

  • Reset removes all previous entries and resets the form

Address configuration

When creating new users, the forms can have different mandatory fields. The mandatory fields depend on your project configuration, which we can adapt for you if necessary. Please contact us.

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