Change user email

User management

Each user account has a unique email address that is required for identification when logging in to Smart Abstract. With the role "coordinator" you can change this email address any time.

Navigate to
> User > Manage user

Step 1: Select user account for editing

  • Filter by role, e.g. author or reviewer, and enter the name or email address of the user you are looking for in the search field on the right. Click the Search button.

  • Select the user you want from the results list and click the pencil icon next to the role to edit the user account.


Step 2: Change e-mail address for login

The detail view opens.
Select the tab "Edit user account".


Enter the new e-mail address and confirm the entry by clicking  Save
From now on the user can log in to Smart Abstract only with this email.

Optional: Warning about possible duplicate address

If the newly entered e-mail address is already known to the system, a query opens asking if it is a duplicate address.


Select whether it is the same person.

  • If yes, click Use only the data from [First Name] [Last Name]

  • If no, click I will choose another email for the user [First Name] [Last Name] and repeat step 2 with a different email address.

See : Merging address duplicates

See: Separating merged addresses

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