Assign user roles

User management

With the role "coordinator" you can assign one or more additional roles to one or more users at the same time.

Navigate to
> User > Manage user


 Step 1. Select user account for editing

  • Filter by role, e.g. author or reviewer, and enter the name or email address of the user you are looking for in the search field on the right. Click the Search button.

  • Select the user or users you want from the results list by checking the checkbox in the column on the left. Use the checkbox in the column header to select all the displayed users at once.

Step 2: Assign new user role

In the section  "Add additional roles" at the bottom of the page, select one or more roles that you want to assign to the selected people.
Click the button "Assing role(s)" button to assign the selected user role.


Remove roles

If you want to remove a user role, please contact us.

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