Invited speaker submission

Managing deadlines

What is the Invited-Speaker Deadline?

The Invited-Speaker deadline enables an additional, separate submission process that can run beyond the regular deadline or be set up after the regular deadline has passed.
The Invited-Speaker deadline is not open to the general public, but opens a submission process only to individuals with the "Invited Speaker" role.
Abstracts by "Invited Speakers" are recorded and marked separately in the system.

Upsides: you have control that only invited speakers use this submission procedure.
You do not have to ask for the contents of mandatory fields afterwards.
Downsides: You have to create the authors who should get the role "Invited speaker" in the system yourself with their access data (e-mail address, preliminary password) and then invite them.
Both abstract and speaker will be marked "invited" - this will have an impact if you use the smart Planner module.
Requirements: You have the email address of the speaker and you are not using the "Invited Speaker" role in the smart Planner module . 

Setting up the Invited-Speaker deadline

Step 1: Set the "Deadline - Invited speakers"

Navigate to > Configuration > Deadlines


Scroll down to the section "Deadline - Invited speakers".
Set the deadline date for Invited Speakers and click on the "Save" button.



Step 2: Mark a person as "Invited speaker 

See: Assigning user roles 

Step 3: Send the login data for "Invited speakers"

See: Sending login data or invitation link to users

Extension / Add-On: Invited speakers submission

The add-on feature includes the setup of a separate submission for invited contributions incl. import of speakers, individual deadline, separate mailing, separate planning etc.

Please contact us for more information.