Find abstracts by submitter

Finding abstracts

As an organiser, you can find all abstracts of a specific submitter, regardless of whether the abstracts have been submitted or not. You can then:

  • edit the content (e.g. typos, changes to the title)

  • submit the abstract (in case the author has forgotten)

Navigate to 
> User > Manage user

Filter by role: "Author" and click on the "Search" button.


Note: You can further narrow down the results list by additionally entering the author's name in the search field. 

The result list will show all abstracts linked to the author's name.


If you click on the linked abstract number, the data form of the corresponding abstract will open.   

If you click on the pencil icon in the column "Submitter" or in the column "Reviewer/Planner",
if you click on the add-role icon in the empty "Reviewer/Planner" column,
the user's data form will open in the user administration.