Edit abstracts

Editing abstracts

As an organiser, you can fully edit abstracts. That means you can

  • edit title and text

  • adjust the author list (presenter, position, institutes)

  • change the preferred contribution type and topic

  • finally submit a created abstract

To recognize which abstracts have not been completed or have not yet been finally submitted, see: Identifying an abstract's submission status

Step 1: Select the abstract you want to edit

Depending on the status of an abstract, you can search for the abstract you are looking for in different menus:

 1. in the User menu, all abstracts can be edited, regardless of the submission status.

 See: Finding abstracts of specific submitters

2. in the Abstracts & Reviews menu, only submitted abstracts can be edited, regardless of the review status

See: Finding submitted abstracts (by abstract number/title)

3. in the Program Planning menu, only accepted abstracts can be edited, regardless of planning status.

See: Finding accepted and planned abstracts (by abstract number/title)

Step 2: Edit the abstract

Open the abstract form of the abstract you are searching for to edit it, e. g. make changes on the author list.
In the edit view, the "Content" tab is preset. 
Make the planned changes and click on the button

  •  "Save" to save the changes. After that you can make further changes.

  •  "Save & Continue" to save the changes and move on to the "Preview" tab.

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