Extend deadline

Managing deadlines

As an organiser, you can extend the deadline for the submission and review process at any time.

Navigate to 
> Configuration > Deadlines


Extending a submission deadline means, authors can continue to submit new abstracts, edit abstracts, or withdraw abstracts that have already been submitted.

Select the date and time you want in the section "Deadline - Regular abstract submission" and confirm your selection by clicking the "Save" button.

grafik.pngOptional: With the selection "visible" or "invisible" you show or hide the deadline for the authors in the submission tool.

Proceed in the same way if you wish to extend the deadline for

  • late-breaking abstracts

  • invited speaker abstracts


Extending a review deadline means, reviewers can continue to review abstract.

Proceed in the same way as extending the regular submssion deadline if you wish to extend the deadline for reviews.

File uploads

Proceed in the same way: scroll to the appropriate section, change the deadline, and click the "Save" button.

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