Submit at a later date

Submit abstracts

Would you like to submit an abstract after the regular deadline?
Here is an overview of your options.

Extend the regular deadline

The easiest way to submit an abstract after the regular deadline is to extend the regular deadline.

If the extension is not to be officially communicated, you can set the deadline to "invisible". In this case, you must also check the guidelines: If a placeholder is used for the deadline, you must replace the placeholder in the guidelines with the official date.

Pro: Simple and straightforward.

Con: You cannot control which people submit abstracts at a later date.

Requirements: None

See also: Extending the deadline

Submitting an abstract on behalf of the author

You can submit as many abstracts as you like on behalf of authors after the deadline.


  • You can easily add or submit abstracts at a later date without changing the regular deadline.

  • You have control over which abstracts are still being submitted.

Con: You must obtain all relevant information from the submitters and follow up if any information is missing.

Requirements: The authors provide you with all the information that is required as a mandatory field for the abstract submission, e.g. preferred type of contribution, topic, co-authors with institutes, e-mail address of the presenter, etc.

See also: Create a abstract on behalf of an author

Using the Late-breaking abstract deadline

The Late-Breaking Abstract procedure is intended for the submission of abstracts that contain information that was not available at the time of the regular submission procedure.

This deadline can also be used to submit "late-minute" abstracts after the regular deadline. Late-Minute abstracts will be recorded and flagged separately in the system.

Pro: Regularly submitted abstracts can be reviewed and planned, as authors cannot make any changes.

Con: Late submissions can be used by anyone who knows the registration link. It is not possible to control who submits a late-breaking abstract.

Requirements: none

See also: Late-breaking abstracts

Using the invited speaker deadline

The invited speaker abstract submission process uses a deadline that only allows abstracts to be submitted by people with the role "Invited speaker".
Invited speaker abstracts are recorded and flagged separately in the system.


  • You can control that only certain people can submit abstracts.

  • Submitters must enter their own details.

Con: You manage authors in the system as "Invited speakers" and may need to remove this status later.

Requirements: Email address of the person

See also: Invited abstracts

An abstract just needs to be submitted?

If authors have already created an abstract in the system but have not confirmed the final submission in time, you can complete the submission for them.

See also: Finalise submission on behalf of an author