The following overview shows the different ways to search for abstracts.

All abstracts (by person)

In case you know a person and would like to find the belonging abstract to edit or submit it for a later date, you can go to the "Users menu" to find all abstracts, regardless of whether they have already been submitted or not:

> Find a person's abstract

Only submitted abstracts

Would you like to select a specific abstract from the total number of abstracts submitted?
In section "Abstracts & Reviews" or "Abstracts" you will only find abstracts that have been successfully submitted.

> Find submitted abstracts

Abstracts submitted more than once (duplicates)

Would you like to find multiple submitted abstracts in order to delete identical abstracts?
You can use the "Data check" to search for multiple submissions, e.g. to withdraw abstracts before the review process starts.

> Find multiple submitted abstracts
> Withdraw an abstract

Unplanned abstracts

Are you already in the planning phase and would like to check which abstracts are not yet scheduled?

> Find unplanned abstracts

If you have a question about "searching abstracts" that is not answered in the help section (here), please contact us.