Create pages with text editor

Content page

You can create any number of pages with your own app content using a text editor.

Integrate these pages into your app in a number of ways:

  • either in the main menu of the app

  • and/or as a subpage of another page

See: Page with subpages

As an alternative to pages whose content is created using the text editor, you can use the following page types:

Create a new page

Navigate to
> Menu
> Pages

to view a list of existing pages.

Click the New icon to create a new page.


A dialogue for creating the new page will open.

Selecting the page type

To create a page with your own text and image content, select the Content page type.


This type provides a text editor for entering the content of the new page.

See also: Edit page content

Name the page

Your entry in the "Name of menu item" field will appear in the menu of your app. The name should be:

  • short (about 30 characters)

  • meaningful and unique


Adding page content

Use the text editor to write and edit your page content.
We recommend that you always start a page with a heading in the style "Heading 1".


See also: Edit page content

Add menu icon

If the new page is to appear in the main menu, insert your own icon in the Menu icon field.


The menu icon will appear in the menu bar of the application.


See: Insert /Replace menu icon

Add a submenu

Add a side menu to your page with sub-pages.

To do this, first create the sub-pages that do not appear in the main menu by selecting Hide in main menu.


See also: Creating a page with subpages

Set access permissions

If you only want to make your page available to logged-in users, switch to the "Access" tab to assign permissions to the page.


See also: Set access permissions

Save entries

Click on: