Create a company profile – Basic

Exhibitors and sponsors

You can create a company profile for any number of exhibitors and sponsors.
The company profile can be opened in the app in different ways:

  • Exhibitor and/or sponsor overview

  • Floor plan

  • Sponsorship: Banner, sponsored event, sponsored message

Note: Every company must have a profile, even if it is not intended to be public.

Navigate to
> Content
> Exhibitors & Sponsors

to open an overview of the company profiles.

image.pngHere you can see which company profiles you have already created, whether a logo exists, whether a sponsorship level has been assigned, whether a stand number has been saved or whether a pin has been placed on the floor plan.
You can edit or delete company profiles from here.

Create a company profile

1. Click on New in the overview to open the Company profile form.


2. Fill in the required fields in the "Profile" section (point 1):

  • Exhibitor or Sponsor?
    Select whether the company is an exhibitor, sponsor or both.

Note: Your choice will affect the display in the application.
See below: Layout options for exhibitors and sponsors

  • Name (required field): Enter the company name.

  • Linked to (required): Decide whether or not the company will be linked to this profile when it is mentioned in the application, e.g. by clicking on the logo.

3. Save your entries.

Click on:

  • Add — to edit the form later

  • Add and Overview — to go to the overview list

  • Add and New — to create another company profile

Complete company profile

Here you will find a sample company profile and instructions on how to complete it:


1 a. Add a company logo
1 b. Add a stand number

2. Add a short description (approx. 250 characters, see point 1 above)
3. Add documents, e.g. flyers
4. Link to a corporate event
5. Add a video or podcast
6 a. Create employee profiles
6 b. Link employee profiles to the company profile (see point 2 above)
7. Mark the stand on the exhibitor map
8. Add contact information, address details or social media links (see points 3, 4 and 5 above)

Add sponsorship information

1. Enter a banner for banner advertising.
If the company has booked banner advertising, you will need to enter the banner in two sizes.

Navigate to
Company Profile
> Media
> Banner

See also: Full Company Profile — Banner Advertising

2. Define the sponsorship level.
Sponsorship packages can be sorted hierarchically, e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Exhibitors who are also sponsors can be identified as sponsors in the Exhibitor List and Company Profile.

See also:
Create sponsor level
Complete company profile — Assign sponsor level