Design the menu of your app using various page formats and customise it according to your requirements.

Predefined menu pages

Menu pages with predefined functions are prepared to help you set up your conference app.

  • Home page
    This is the start page of the app, which is only visible on larger monitors (desktops and tablets).

  • Running now page
    This page is only visible during the event. It shows which events are taking place now and in the near future.

  • Program page
    Here you will find an overview of the entire scientific programme by day.

  • Persons page
    The persons page lists all contributors to the event: They are displayed by the roles: "Speakers", "Presenters", "Chair", "Moderator" and "Organiser".

  • Session Types page
    This page gives an overview of the planned session types, e.g. keynotes, oral sessions, poster sessions, workshops, etc.

  • My Conference page
    "My conference" contains your own favourite programme items including favorite persons and companies.

  • Exhibitor / Sponsor / Industry page
    There are several layout options to showcase your industry partners.
    See: Exhibitor & sponsor layout options

  • Messages page
    This menu item displays push notifications that you can manage in the backend.
    See: Messages

  • Floor plans page
    This menu item can be used to display floor plans for rooms and the exhibition plan, for example.
    See: Floor plans

  • Information page
    This is an example of an information page. You can create as many information pages as you like and fill them with your own content.

  • About and Privacy pages
    These pages appear in the side menu on the left in the footer. The texts are templates that you need to fill in with your information.

The prepared menu pages may differ depending on the package you have booked.

Menu pages with your own content

There are three different page types for custom content pages, which are offered when you create a new page.

Content page type

Content pages allows you to use a text editor to create content that can include formatted text, images, links, linked files, etc.

> Create pages with text editor

> Create a page with sub-pages

File page type

For a File page, you upload a file. Click the menu item to open the file directly in the application.

> Create a page that opens a file

External website page type

For an External Website page, you enter a URL. Click the menu item to open the linked website directly in the application.

See also: Create a page that opens an external website