The app allows you to create customised content and configure it entirely according to your needs and the requirements of the event.

All information can be edited and updated at any time, so you as the organiser and your visitors are always up to date.

The basics of using the app

Learn how to create, manage and delete content in the app:
> Manage content
> Sorting content

You create content for your app from two different sources:

1. The (scientific) program, consisting of speakers, sessions, other event-formats, social programme and the planning of abstracts, is managed in the program planner.

2. In the backend of the app, you manage information pages, floor plans, push notifications as well as exhibitors and sponsors.

In addition to automatic updates every 60 seconds, you can also edit the app content manually.
> Synchronise the app

If you would like to use the app with an event code, find more information here:
> App with access protection

App menu and content

The "App Menu and Content" section gives you an overview of how to create, sort, and manage content, either using pre-built menu pages and features, or by creating your own content.
> Creating and managing the app menu and content

To structure the app menu and avoid overloading it with information, you can create pages with subpages.
> Add a page with subpages

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The app allows to implement customised exhibitor and sponsor concepts, add company profiles and decide how you want to present your industry partners in the app.
> Exhibitors and Sponsors
> Layout options

In addition to various settings for sponsoring and staff members, you can also create a company profile with logo and banner advertising (Create company profile – Basic) and locate your stand or events on the floor plan (Link exhibitor stand).

You can also add PDF files or embed multimedia files into the application.


In the app, you can add logos and links to messages, tag or attach messages and set up read confirmations.

You can edit and delete messages in the app at any time.

See also: Messages

Floor plans

Floor plans integrated into the app provide a precise overview of the locations of event rooms and company stands at the industrial exhibition.
To do this, rooms and company exhibitors are linked to an uploaded plan, which dynamically displays the positions in the app.

See: Floor plans

App frontend: View of the app

To view the content you have entered in the backend, you can access the app frontend at any time. The app is access-protected until it is published, i.e. only the people you have selected have access.

To open the app frontend on your desktop:

  • Select the "Frontend Conference App" button in the top right-hand corner of the backend,


  • click on the link sent in the e-mail

  • or enter the URL in your browser.

To open the app front end on your smartphone:

  • Use the transmitted QR code

  • or enter the URL in your browser.