Abstract management

Here you will find an overview of how to manage your abstracts during the different phases of the project.

Abstract overview

The abstract overview is your central workspace for managing submitted abstracts.

Navigate to
> Abstracts & Reviews (with review process)
> Abstracts (without review process)

Abstracts tab

The overview shows all relevant information about the abstracts, e.g. topics, presentation types and first authors.

Your editing options are:

  • Search for abstracts (instructions)

  • Edit abstract (title, text, author list, properties) (instructions)

  • Set acceptance status (accept / reject abstracts) (instructions):

  • Cancel an abstract (instructions)

  • Prepare file upload, e.g. for paper or e-poster submissions (instructions)

Authors tab

The "Authors tab" lists all authors and provides information on which abstract they are submitter, first author and/or presenter.

Your editing options are:

  • Link duplicate addresses

  • Check and correct authors' institutes

  • Change the reference address of presenters

Manage submitters (contact persons)

The user management gives you an overview of all persons who have registered to submit abstracts. All abstracts created by a person are listed here, even if they have not yet been submitted.
See also: Submission status

Navigate to
> Users

Your editing options include:

  • Change login details or email address (instructions)

  • Send new login details (instructions)

  • Submitting a new abstract on behalf of an author (instructions)

  • Completing abstract submission for authors (instructions)

  • Editing an abstract (instructions)

  • Transfer abstract to another user

  • View email history

  • Edit institutes

Checking multiple abstract submissions

Before starting the review process or exporting the abstract book, you can check if an abstract has been submitted more than once.

See also: Find multiple abstract submissions

Exporting the Book of Abstracts

You can export the abstract book (to MS Word) at any time.

Navigate to
> Statistics & Downloads
> Abstracts

The export is done in MS Word. The file contains separate templates for each area (title, author list, text, etc.). This, combined with the numerous configuration options, allows you to achieve the following goals with just a few clicks:

  • Create a print template

  • Organise a preliminary abstract book for a self-organised review process.

See also: Book of abstracts (MS-Word)

Export statistics & reports

Here you will find statistics on the number of abstracts according to various criteria and reports with full abstract submission data.

Navigate to
> Statistics & Downloads

See also: Statistics and Reports