Exhibitors and sponsors


The smart Conference App offers you many options to implement customized exhibitor and sponsor concepts.

Layout options

Two different layout options are available for the presentation of your company partners.

See: Layout options for exhibitors and sponsors

Basic company profile

To display exhibitors or sponsors, they need a company profile.

See: Company profile - Basics

Employees / exhibitor booth staff

If you want to represent the employees of a company, e.g. the booth staff or the congress organization team, you have to create them first and then assign them to the company profile.

See: Creating employee profiles

Different sponsoring levels

If you use different sponsorship packages and want to visualize the sponsorship level (platinum, gold, etc.) in the app, you need to define them first and then assign them to the company profile:

See: Creating sponsoring levels

Exhibitor map

To visualize locations of each exhibitor on your industry exhibition, you need to upload a space plan first. Then you can mark the exhibitor booth on the room plan.

Floor plans - Overview
Company profile - Marking exhibitor booth on floor plan