Insert images

Menu items and page content

In your role as editor, you can insert images into your page using the text editor.

Images are included via a hyperlink.
They must be uploaded to an external web server beforehand.

Navigate to > Menu > Pages 

and open the desired page in the tab "Content"
In the texteditor, click and leave your cursor at the place where you want to insert the image.

Step 1: Find out the URL of the image

In another window, open the website where the image you want to insert is located.


Right-click and select the "Copy image address" or "Copy graphic address" command, depending on the browser.

Step 2: Insert the image using the text editor

Switch to the text editor and click on the icon for inserting images or graphics.


A new dialog for the image properties will open.


Fill in the required fields

  • URL: Enter here the copied image address (Ctrl + V or right click > Paste)

  • Alternative text: Paste a short image description here. The alt text is displayed when an image was not loaded, when the mouse pointer is over the image or when a screen reader is used.

  • Width and height: The image dimensions cannot be adjusted via the editor. They are automatically imported and the image will always be displayed in its original size. If necessary, change the size on the server where you have uploaded the image.

Tip - Insert the image with copy & paste
You can also insert images directly into the text editor using copy & paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v). 

Note: Although the image size can appear to be modifyable, the image is displayed in the app in its original size!

Save the image by clicking the OK button

Optional: Link images

You can link images to an external website, phone number or email address.
Select the image with a single mouse click, click the hyperlink icon.


Now follow the instructions, depending on your requirements:

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