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Exhibitors and sponsors - Company profile

As an organiser, you can enable your cooperation partners to display banner ads on certain pages of the app.

Banners can be displayed on the following pages:

  • Homepage

  • Programme

  • Search

  • People

  • Exhibitor list

The configuration on which pages the banner is displayed is made by Smart Abstract.
Please contact us.


Notes on the functions

  • All banners are always displayed on all configured pages.

  • If you have uploaded banners for several companies/sponsors, they will be displayed alternately ("slider").

  • Each banner is visible for 7 seconds before it is replaced.

  • Each banner can be linked to the company profile, an external website or not at all.

1. Insert banner

Navigate to > Content > Exhibitors & Sponsors

1. Open the desired company/sponsor profile and go to the tab "Media"

2.  In the "Banners" section, click on the Choose File button to select the two banner files from your hard drive.

In order to display the banner in the best possible way on all display sizes, they must be uploaded in two different sizes.

  • Small displays: 960 x 224 px

  • Larger displays: 1920 x 224 px

Important: When creating the graphics, make sure that the distance from the text/image to the top and bottom edge is at least 35 px.


3. Check the linking of the banner.
By default, banners are linked to the company profile page.

Option 1: If you have included a website in the "Contact" section of the "Company profile" tab, you can also link the banner to the company website.

Option 2: If you wish, you can remove the link.

4. Save your changes.

  • Update- to stay on the page

  • Update and close - to return to the overview list

Refresh the app if necessary to check the results of your changes.

See: Updating content in the Conference App

2. Replace banner

To replace the banner, simply upload a new banner and confirm your change by clicking Update or Update and close.

3. Delete banner

Select Delete? and confirm your change with Update or Update and close.


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