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Conference App – Basics

You can determine the order in which different contents of your conference app are displayed. 

1. Pages in the main menu

Navigate to > Navigation > Pages
to get to the page overview. Here you can move individual pages using the sort arrows until they appear in the desired position:

  • Double arrow down: Moves the entry to the last position in the list

  • Single arrow down: Moves the entry one position lower in the list.

  • Single arrow up: Moves the entry up one position in the list.

  • Double arrow down: Moves the entry to the first position in the list

2. Exhibitors list

The exhibitors list is sorted automatically.
There are two options:
1. Alphabetical sorting taking a company logo into account (default)
The group "Exhibitors with logo" appears before the group "Exhibitors without logo".
2. Alphabetical sorting without taking a company logo into account
All exhibitors appear in alphabetical order, regardless of whether a company logo has been uploaded or not.

If you would like to change the default setting, please contact us.

3.1 Sponsors overview

In the default setting, logos within each sponsoring level are displayed in alphabetical order.
1. Open the desired exhibitor entry in the list view "Exhibitors & sponsors".
2. Select the tab "Sponsoring".
3. Set the order with a number. 

Sponsors within the same level with the same number are again displayed alphabetically. The default setting for all entries is "1".


3.2 Sponsor banners

As soon as more than one sponsor banner has been set, the banners will alternate. You define the order at the same place as the order within the levels of the sponsor overview (see above). 

Caution: This may interfere with the order in the sponsor overview. First set up the order of the banners and only then adjust the position in the overview layout if necessary. 

4. Floor plans

If you use several floor plans, you can determine the order in which the plans are displayed. 

Navigate to > Contents > Floor plans
1. Open the desired floor plan.
2. Set the position with a number.