Add new page

Menu items and page content

As an organiser, you can add an unlimited number of pages to the app with your own content. 

Your pages appear 

  • either as a separate menu item in the menu bar of the app 

  • or as a subpage of another page.

See: Creating a menu item/page with subpages

Navigate to > Navigation > Pages

to get an overview of already existing pages.

Click on the Add new button to add a new page.

A dialog for adding new pages will open.

1. Choose a page type

To add a new page with your own content to the app, select the page type "Content".

This type offers you a text editor for entering the content of the new page.

See: Editing and formatting page content in the text editor

2. Enter a page name

Your entry in the field "Name of menu item" appears in the app's navigation menu and in the page overview. The name should therefore

  • be short (approx. 30 characters)

  • be meaningful and unambiguous 


3. Enter page content

You insert or edit your page content in the text editor.
We recommend that you always start with a heading formatted as "Heading 1".

See: Editing page content in the text editor


4. Save your entries 


  • Create - to continue editing the page afterwards

  • Create and return to list - to get to the overview list. There you can adjust the position of the page in the menu

  • Create and add another - to create another page afterwards

Optional: Add a menu icon

If your new page is a separate menu item, insert your icon in the field menu icon.


The icon will then be displayed in the main menu of the app.

See: Adding/replacing a menu icon

Optional: Add submenu and hide subpages in the navigation menu

Add a page menu with subpages that you can group thematically.

See: Creating a page with subpages

To do this, first create subpages that do not appear in the navigation menu by selecting Hide in navigation menu.


Optional: Access permission

If you want to make your page only accessible to users who have logged in to the app, switch to the tab "Access" to add an access permission to the page.

See: Adding access permission to a page


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