Add video or audio file

Exhibitors and sponsors - Company profile

In your role as editor, you can embed the <iframe> of a video or audio file from another website on the company profile page, so that your cooperation partners can present themselves with e. g. an image film or a podcast.


Copy the embed code
(not the link!) from the page on which the desired image video is located - often marked with < / > or < >.

Navigate to > Content > Exhibitors & Sponsors

1. Open the desired company profile and go to the tab "Media".

2. In the "Embed media" section, enter the copied embed code in this format:
<iframe scr="" width="" height="" ... ></iframe>.

If necessary, remove all information that appears before and after the HTML tags of the iframe (marked red in the image). 


3. Save your changes.

  • Update - to stay on the page

  • Update and close - to return to the overview list.

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